How to consume magic mushrooms

Some people use magic mushrooms for health purposes, as they have an ingredient known as psilocybin, which helps people fight depression and stress. Even if they have a couple of benefits regarding their ability to quicken a patient’s recovery process, it’s unwise to ingest them thoughtlessly. There are some responsible ways to consume magic mushrooms without suffering more challenges than the anticipated ones. Using the internet will help you determine the best way to begin your journey with this medicinal drug. You can also consult friends who have used magic mushrooms before or health experts who know the advantages and disadvantages that come with having psilocybin in your body. For an in-depth understanding, below are some tips on consuming magic mushrooms correctly: 

Chewing – if you don’t have a problem with withstanding the taste of mushrooms, you can eat them as you do with fruits such as bananas and mangoes. Ensure to chew as hard as possible to increase the chances of ingesting as many juices as possible. Without doing this, you’ll only get a low percentage of psilocybin, which will not be adequate for your body. If you cannot tolerate foreign tastes in your mouth, this option may not be the best. It would be best if you considered other ways to consume magic mushrooms that will help disguise the taste and feel of chewing. 

Include it in your edibles – you can choose to have magic mushrooms as part of your daily meals as you’ll likely not distinguish them from the food. However, don’t subject them to a lot of heat as doing this will reduce the effectiveness of psilocybin canada. For instance, don’t grind them into flour when preparing pastries, as the heat from the oven will burn the mushroom’s ingredients, so you’ll not benefit from ingesting them. After cleaning the mushrooms, add them to your salad and enjoy in addition to your main dish. 

Use tablets or capsules – this option is one of many ways to consume magic mushrooms, and it’s no different from taking painkillers. If you’re okay with taking medicine, consider taking magic mushrooms in this form. You’ll benefit from the fact that it will be easier to control your psilocybin’s ingestion level, so you’ll not suffer from the consequences of overconsumption. However, you must be disciplined enough to take a few capsules as directed by your health specialist. Lack of discipline will mean more suffering because you’ll not recover as soon as expected. 

Before consuming magic mushrooms, please don’t forget to reach out to knowledgeable personnel. Otherwise, you’ll be at risk of overdosing, meaning you’ll not achieve your goals regarding the decision to use the drug. Ensure to also educate yourself on what you stand to lose or gain with this decision. Using these mushrooms just because other people are doing so isn’t enough reason because there’ll be no one to blame if the worst happens. Take time to learn more about the downside and advantages of ingesting particular levels of psilocybin. If you’re uncertain of whether to add a new drug to your body, please don’t let anyone convince you otherwise.