Canadian Licensing of Medical Marijuana Producers

Use of Marijuana is slowly and reluctantly taking shape in the world amid strong opposition. It is yet to be legalized in many countries and still tagged as unacceptable drug. This is because of its effects when abused or used improperly. However, medical researchers have over the recent years come up with results that give reasons for marijuana medical use

Legalized Use

Canada is one of the countries in the world that has embraced, legalized, and registers marijuana producers for medical use. Health Canada established Marijuana Medical use regulations way back in 2001. The list of Licensed Producers of Medical Marijuana in Canada has steadily grown since adoption of its use. Subsequent regulations on production, distribution, and general handling of Cannabis for medical use have since been effected. One can purchase online or in any way as long as they have a medical document from an authorized health official prescribing cannabis use.

Growing List of Producers

As with any business opportunity, the fight for a slice of the market is definite. Producers have swung into action and are slowly but surely marketing themselves as the preferred sources. Businesses have since positioned themselves for growing or trading in the produced Marijuana. The Canadian government has legislated and instituted measures to regulate the growing list of licensed medical producers of marijuana. Such regulations were effected around 2015-2016 and acted to give directions on production.

The Challenges Involved

Legalizing marijuana has not been without its challenges. Rogue business enterprises take advantage of the permission in Canada to perpetrate their illegal deals. Although anti-Marijuana-use crusaders are in effect changing tune to that of checks and supervision to fight the abuse, the Canadian government has the headache of confining its intentions to medical solutions. This has raised eyebrows even across borders where marijuana use is yet to be legalized. Trafficking in marijuana is a crime in many countries of the world and so the action by Canada and other like-minded countries poses a challenge worldwide. This in effect increases budget for the fight against marijuana and related drugs.

Way Forward

Other countries have since started research and debates to go the Canada way. This eases on the pressure for the Canadian government in terms of cross-border illegal trade. The production will eventually become tenable with resources availed across the borders and production techniques improving owing to more growers and handlers. The Canadian list of licensed producers of medical marijuana has grown and is poised to grow even further with time. This is because the use of marijuana is progressively being adopted, not only in the medical field, but also in other fields. The way forward id to accept and allow the list of producers to grow and allow competition for lower cost and availability.